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Container Shortage Time?

The word on the street is some US exporters are having a harder time finding empty containers for their goods. Is there an upcoming shortage of containers ahead? Definitely maybe is my answer. Well maybe not a true shortage as in ‘not enough’. It may be more of a matter of containers not being in the right spot. My guess… Read More

To Bulk or Not to Bulk, That is The Question

In the fourth quarter of last year we earned a new containerized freight customer. Earning a new customer to supply cargo insurance to in itself isn’t unusual. What was unusual was it was a commodity that would typically go bulk in a ship’s hold. If you are not familiar with bulk shipping think of the difference between buying… Read More

Container Rates Go Up, Container Rates Go Down.

As a result of the wheels coming off Hanjin mid last year I wrote a piece on August 31st 2016 that rates were going to go up and they did. The article can be reviewed at for a refresher. The writing on the wall was pretty clear. I was stating the obvious. Real live capacity was suddenly… Read More

Hats Off To a New Type of Shipping Container

Ever wonder where the standard ocean shipping container came from?  If so, you may want to get a hobby or get out more. Maybe a couple of those after work ‘networking’ gatherings (that just happen to take place in a bar) are in order.  You really shouldn’t be wondering about things as geeky as where… Read More

Hanjin is broke so who will pay?

Hanjin is broke so who will pay? Hanjin is so broke they can’t even pay attention, and that’s a problem. At last count there were more than 80 vessels on the water or stranded outside ports carrying about a half million containers. Unfortunately for Hanjin, and their shippers, finding safe harbors who won’t allow creditors to seize… Read More

It’s all about the numbers.  Or is it?

Each month, quarter, and year, there is a break neck run by many companies to attain the numbers set by management projections.  The world has been turning that way for quite some time.  Most of us have been numbers chasers at one time or another and that is not a bad thing.  Most of the… Read More