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Risk Reduction Products

Browse through some of the products below to learn about the best ways you can protect your cargo during shipping.

Cargo & Freight Protection Products

The importance of cargo insurance is invaluable. In addition to premium cargo insurance services and exceptional customer service, TJO Cargo also offers a variety of resources to help you reduce the risk of cargo damage in the first place. We won’t have to work on daunting claims and your cargo stays safe; everybody wins.

The packaging, the weight of your cargo, and the amount of excess space play a major role in your cargo’s safety in the event of an accident. We currently offer two great ways to help keep everything safe, including affordable freight protection products and helpful cargo shipping tips.

Informational Blog

We often post tutorials and tips on the best ways to keep your cargo destruction risk as low as possible. Follow our blog and sign up for the TJO Cargo monthly newsletter for the latest talk on cargo insurance.

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