Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is not just a ‘world problem’.  It is also a big risk here in the USA.

While it is hard to pin down because many thefts go unreported, it is estimated by the FBI that between $15 billion and $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen in the USA every year.

The average loss per theft was $190,000USD.

Thefts can spike as much as 40 percent over holiday weekends.

It’s not just electronics being stolen, all commodities are at risk.

chart of commodities

California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey are the country’s theft hotspots, although cargo thefts can occur anytime anywhere.

Criminals often target higher value freight that is easy to sell.

Not all thefts occur in the dark of night.  ‘Strategic Cargo Theft’ is the fastest growing form of cargo theft today.  Thieves impersonate legitimate carriers and pick up freight from shippers never to be seen again. According to Travelers Insurance 10-15 percent of thefts are strategic thefts.

In fourth place, the USA is in the top five countries for cargo theft globally in the company of Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia.

Data supplied by CargoNet and Freightwatch International

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