Ground Transport Cargo Shipping Insurance Coverage

Ground Transport Cargo Shipping Insurance CoverageWhether you ship domestic or export cargo using ground transportation, you might think that your products are safer than they would be on a plane or at sea. But the truth is that your products could get lost or damaged regardless of which shipping option you use, so it’s very important for you to obtain cargo insurance before sending anything out. With international cargo insurance from TJO Cargo, your exports will be covered in the event that they don’t end up making it to their final destination. It will protect your rail cargo and freight and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business won’t take a serious hit as a result of a shipment gone awry.

From household items to frozen commodities, all products run a risk of being damaged or lost during the shipping process. Train cargo might seem safe, but between products shifting while en route to their destination and being loaded and unloaded, there are always risks associated with exporting. By working with a qualified shipping company, you can reduce these risks, but signing up for cargo insurance is really the only way to guarantee that you won’t suffer financially as a result of missing or damaged shipments. At TJO Cargo, we can set you up with the right international cargo insurance strategy, based on your specific needs.

TJO Cargo offers excellent customer service to all of our clients in addition to fair cargo insurance quotes. Whether you’re planning on sending out a single shipment, or exporting products on a daily or weekly basis, we can cover all your international cargo insurance needs. Ground shipments should be covered at all times, and TJO Cargo can make it happen. You won’t have to worry about expensive shipments when you have the right cargo insurance strategy protecting them.

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