Cargo Shipping Rates

Cargo Insurance Rates

See cargo insurance policy samples and examples below taken from actual past rates. When it comes to cargo insurance there is one thing that is always the same.  That one shipment is not always the same as another.  Rates, importing, exporting, terms,  conditions, and deductibles are not cast in concrete.  What the commodity is, how it is being transported, what the mode of transport is, where it is coming from and where it is going all impact the aforementioned insurance variables.  It is important to fit your coverage to your shipment.  Computers are not insured the same as machine parts and cargo headed highly developed nation is insured differently than cargo bound for an undeveloped nation.  Rather than try to post every combination of possible rates, TJO Cargo will do one better.  We will list actual rates paid by existing customers for recent shipments.  These rates represent customers who are not large volume shippers and were not selected for any other reason than they were most recent.  If you wish to know what the rate would be for your shipment, contact us for a quote. If you need rates on containerized mineral shipping read more here.

Past Rates

What From Where Destination Clause Value Cost
Containerized Frozen Seafood USA China A $300,000USD only $750USD
One container of ‘slack wax’ Turkey USA A 22864 only $59USD
40 containers of granular mineral products USA China B just $12 per container
One container ‘used clothing’ USA Kenya C $21,000USD $50USD
One container of Chemicals USA Israel A $46,640USD only $167USD
One breakbulk domestic ground move USA USA C $285,000USD only $158USD
One container of grinding equipment USA UK A $63,274USD only $158USD
Air cargo agricultural USA Hong Kong A $100,571USD only $181USD
Containerized frozen squid USA to France USA France A $60,000USD only $150USD
Containerized Wax Poland Columbia A $46,662USD just $112USD
Containerized Scrap Cardboard USA India C $5000USD only $40USD
Breakbulk Ground, Transformer and Spares USA Canada A $150,000USD $225USD
LTL Domestic, Commercial Kitchen Equipment USA USA A $11,000USD $40USD
LTL Domestic, Pharmaceutical Starch USA USA A $50,000USD just $120USD
Air Cargo, Fragile Glass Heat Exchanger Germany USA A $2500USD only $40USD
Containerized Conveyor Equipment USA UK A 123,783USD just $259USD
Domestic Ground, Containerized Soybeans USA USA A $113,000USD $135USD
Domestic Ground Breakbulk, Cooling Tower USA USA A $350,000USD $520USD
Containerized Electronics China USA A $75,000USD only $187USD
Containerized 2014 Automobile USA France A $30,000USD just $162USD
Containerized Landscaping Stone China USA A $7539USD only $40USD
Containerized Manganous Oxide USA China $74,316USD just $185USD