Mineral Shipping Rates International Cargo Insurance

TJO Cargo can provide cargo insurance for your containerized kaolin, or other mineral exports, for as about *$10 or * $12 per container. As you know, occasionally, a mineral commodity can’t ship in a bulk carrier ship to specific markets. As a result, mineral shippers face a high number of container shipments. While reasonable shipping rates to China are available, getting economical cargo insurance with the coverage you need can be a challenge.

To serve containerized mineral shippers’ needs, we have stepped out of the standard Clause A, and Clause C coverage typically offered that don’t quite fit the mineral industry. We have coverage that makes sense for containerized mineral shippers. Not too much, not too little.

Risks such as collision, vessel grounding, the overturning of a conveyance, washing overboard, explosion and fire, theft of the container, and all contents, jettison, general average, and more are covered.

Clause A coverage you don’t need, such as breakage, partial theft, and minor damages you won’t be paying for because you don’t need them.

Coverage you do need typically not covered by Clause C, such as washing overboard, the intrusion of seawater, and being dropped overboard while loading/unloading are all there for you.

We have several programs to be able to cover your shipments whether you ship two containers a month or five thousand a month. It’s our job to make the process of protecting yourself from risk easy and economical for you, and we are good at it.

**TJO Cargo gives you the power to ship insured shipments to and from any non-embargo country in the world. We also have other comprehensive coverages for you if you need them.

* Coverage, USA/Canada, to ‘first world’ countries values $1USD to $15,000USD per container at volumes of 150 containers per month or more.

**Some origins and destinations are to and from port only.