TJO Cargo Frozen Foods Cargo Insurance

TJO Cargo provides affordable Clause A ‘All Risks’ comprehensive coverage for frozen food commodities from A-rated or better insurers. There are no gimmicks and no high deductibles. TJO Cargo provides you with a rate and terms up front, and a copy of the insurer’s full terms and conditions.

Whether you ship one frozen food shipment a month or hundreds of shipments a month, TJO Cargo can provide you with affordable comprehensive cargo insurance.

If you think you are too big or too small to be able to protect yourself from loss, think again.

With TJO Cargo’s per-shipment cargo insurance program, shippers who only need cargo insurance periodically can order the cargo insurance they need only when they need it with no hassles.

Through our ‘direct reporting’ program, higher-volume frozen food shippers can report their shipments for cargo weekly or even monthly, maintain a pay-as-you-go position, and not pay for cargo insurance they don’t use.

Yearly policies are another option available for other higher volume frozen foods shippers. Yearly policies allow shippers to have the luxury of having all agreed shipments covered throughout a one-year policy period for review at renewal time.

What are the benefits of dealing with TJO Cargo for your frozen food shipments?

*As a major provider, TJO Cargo gives you the power to ship your insured shipments to most non-embargo, non-sanctioned countries in the world.

Your shipments will only be covered by A-Rated or better insurers.

In the event of a loss, TJO Cargo insurers have global networks of claims centers throughout the world.
Virtually all legal frozen food commodities (excluding hanging meat) refrigerated to -15 degrees Celsius (-5 Degrees Fahrenheit) are insurable.

Claims can be paid in most local currencies in the event your named loss payee is overseas.

Insurance is available for ocean, air, and ground transport of containerized or enclosed van trailer frozen foods (mechanical refrigeration only, sorry, no iced shipments and no parcels.)

In the event of a loss, you can receive as much or as little assistance with the claims process that is right for you.

You can hear more or request a cargo insurance quote for your shipments, by emailing us at Freight Protection and Online Cargo Insurance | TJO Cargo or use our quote portal Free Online Cargo Shipping & Freight Insurance Quotes | TJO Cargo to obtain your free quote.

*Some origins and destinations are to and from port only, and War & Strikes is not available for some destinations.