Per Shipment Cargo Insurance Coverage Carrier

Many shippers and forwarders prefer purchasing their cargo insurance per shipment. TJO Cargo holds business relationships with many shippers and forwarders who are repeat per shipment customers, many who would qualify for their own policy cite the reasons below for continued per shipment purchases.

Flexibility: There are no contracts or policies in securing per shipment cargo insurance.

Resources:  While policy holders tend to have limits of liability as a part of their policy, per shipment offers the ability to extend the shippers reach for high value shipments.

No Minimums:  Many policies include minimum requirements for volume to maintain a policy.  With per shipment purchasing, there are no minimums.

Expense Tracking:  One shipment, one invoice or multiple shipments per invoice, it’s what makes tracking the direct expense the easiest for you.

Oversight:  Even though it is impossible to catch every questionable piece of data provided, each and every certificate issued by our company is reviewed by a person.  Many of our customers take comfort in knowing the data the shipper provided is reviewed by a person looking out for the shippers best interests.

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Whether your freight is moving across town or across the world, if per shipment cargo insurance makes sense for you, Contact us today to get your no obligation quote!