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Supply chain congestion soon to be a thing of the past? I think maybe so.

Caro Shipping Risks

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago (February 8th, 2021, and then again on May 18th, 2021, to be exact) I wrote two articles forecasting high transportation rates and congestion was not going to recede any time soon. You can find the articles here Why I do not believe LA/LB port congestion will vanish… Read more »

Will high ocean container and truckload rates continue?

cargo theft

When the pandemic started for us in the United States, my wife and I were on vacation. We were in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, which are wetlands straddling the Florida – Georgia line, ‘wetlands’ being code for swamp. The swamp is about 438,000 acres with hiking, fishing, and staying away from alligators as high on… Read more »

A Short Checklist to Review When Purchasing Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

Are you thinking of getting cargo insurance? What are some things to know before paying for cargo insurance? Damages Does your current carrier cover damages? It might. It might not. Coverage can vary greatly. You don’t want to be fully responsible for the cost, right? Choose all-risk, full value cargo insurance– the smart choice. This… Read more »

Ever Given, Now what?

Now that Evergreen’s vessel Ever Given is floating and no longer blocking passage in the Suez Canal, most of the news will move on to other things. That doesn’t mean the story is over yet, it is just the beginning of a new chapter.  In regard to the Ever Given’s recent predicament, there are plenty of… Read more »

Why I do not believe LA/LB port congestion will vanish in March.

Stop me if you heard this one. There was a country called the United States of America brought down to one knee by a pandemic, and one of the things people could do to make themselves feel better was buy stuff. You heard it? Well get ready to hear it again. At least a little. During the time… Read more »

If this cargo is destroyed, is it covered? That is contingent on the insurance.

Some time ago an importer in Jacksonville, Florida bought machine product CIF from overseas. For those who are not students of Incoterms, CIF stands for, ‘Cost, Insurance, and Freight’. This means the overseas seller has the responsibility to pay the expense of the inventory, the cargo insurance, and the freight costs for what he sells to the… Read more »

An Introduction to Freight Insurance

Freight Forwarder Insurance

Freight typically ends up in many places, handled by myriad people and machines. From freighters to warehouses, the transportation of goods can get quite complex. If you’re shipping items, you don’t want them lost, stolen or broken. Therefore, you should insure your freight. Thankfully, there’s freight insurance which covers damages during the shipping process.  Liability… Read more »