‘West Coast Port Congestion, The Sequel’

‘West Coast Port Congestion, The Sequel’ Starring the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is coming soon to a store shelf near you. I am betting you saw the first movie in this series of blockbuster stories ‘West Coast Port Congestion’ and have been waiting for Part II to come along ever since. Wait… Read more »

Yearly cargo policy, or per shipment, what is best for you?

If you are an importer or exporter, one of the things you must think about is cargo insurance. In some select circumstances cargo insurance is not your worry, but often it is your worry.  When is cargo insurance not your worry? Importer The first instance is if you are buying goods from overseas delivered to… Read more »

War Activities, Cargo Risk, and Your Cargo Insurance

As most of you know, there is an ongoing military action in Ukraine due to Russia invading Ukraine February 24, 2022.  Along with hoping for the best for the people of Ukraine, I must also address what Russia’s military action means to your logistics risk and cargo insurance for your international shipments.  Please review the below four… Read more »

Will high ocean container and truckload rates continue?

When the pandemic started for us in the United States, my wife and I were on vacation. We were in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, which are wetlands straddling the Florida – Georgia line, ‘wetlands’ being code for swamp. The swamp is about 438,000 acres with hiking, fishing, and staying away from alligators as high on… Read more »

A Short Checklist to Review When Purchasing Cargo Insurance

Are you thinking of getting cargo insurance? What are some things to know before paying for cargo insurance? Damages Does your current carrier cover damages? It might. It might not. Coverage can vary greatly. You don’t want to be fully responsible for the cost, right? Choose all-risk, full value cargo insurance– the smart choice. This… Read more »

Ever Given, Now what?

Now that Evergreen’s vessel Ever Given is floating and no longer blocking passage in the Suez Canal, most of the news will move on to other things. That doesn’t mean the story is over yet, it is just the beginning of a new chapter.  In regard to the Ever Given’s recent predicament, there are plenty of… Read more »