What to Do If Your Freight is Lost

Lost Freight Do you have freight that was lost during shipping? If so, it’s important for you to act quickly in order to get reimbursed for it. Take a look at the steps you should take in order to deal with lost freight.

Contact your shipping company to inquire about the lost freight.

Before you start freaking out too much, you should get in touch with your shipping company to see if there’s been a misunderstanding with your shipment. In some cases, your freight might be delayed, not lost. In others, a shipping company might be actively searching for your freight. Regardless, you should contact them before you do anything else to ask about where your freight might be.

Write down everything that was included in the lost freight.

While you wait for your shipping company to look for your lost freight, you should write down everything that was supposed to be included in your freight and find any documentation you have that proves it. This could come in handy later if your freight was, in fact, lost during shipment.

File a claim for your lost freight through your shipper.

Once it has been determined that your shipment was definitely lost, you will have to file a claim through your shipping company. In this claim, you will list what was in your freight and record the value of your freight. Your shipping company will then have about 30 days to respond to your claim and let you know what the next step will be. Also, it’s important to note that some forms of transportation carry little, if any, cargo coverage to file a claim with. Examples would include LTL ground transport, all ocean international and air cargo. Some may have a third party carry policies to protect shippers, but the carriers offer very little, making it essential you have a plan in place.

TJO Cargo Insurance works with companies who ship freight on a regular basis. We provide them with the freight protection they need to ensure their customers are paid claims on lost freight. If you’re currently shipping freight without any kind of insurance, you might be asking for trouble. Call us at 904-781-6531 today to inquire about our freight protection plans.