What is a Certificate of Insurance and Why Is It Important?

Certificate of Insurance

If you’re going to be shipping precious cargo sometime soon, it’s important for you to get cargo insurance for it first. Nevertheless, maybe more importantly, you’re also going to want to get your hands on a certificate of insurance once you have a cargo insurance policy in place. This certificate will serve several very important purposes. Here is why you should make sure you obtain one right away after purchasing a cargo insurance policy.

It proves you have cargo insurance

First and foremost, a certificate of insurance will prove that you have taken the necessary steps to purchase a cargo insurance policy. If anyone asks you to show proof that you have cargo insurance, you won’t have to worry about trying to explain the situation to them. You can simply take out your certificate of insurance and show it to them to let them know you have the proper coverage.

It provides you with details about your insurance policy

In addition to proving you have cargo insurance, a certificate of insurance will also let you know what kind of coverage you have, what it covers, how long the insurance is effective for, and so much more. Your certificate of insurance will even let you know about things like deductibles and the limits of your insurance. It’ll be good to have all this information handy if you ever must file an insurance claim.

It puts your clients’ minds at ease

If you’re going to be shipping cargo on someone else’s behalf, they’re going to want to know their belongings are protected. A certificate of insurance will let them know that they don’t have anything to worry about while working with you. You’ll put their minds at ease when you pull out your certificate of insurance and show it to them.

When you come to TJO Cargo Insurance for cargo insurance and purchase a policy, we’ll provide you with a certificate of insurance right away. This will give you one less thing to deal with when shipping cargo. Call us at 904-781-6531 today to find out how easy it is to purchase cargo insurance and get your certificate of insurance.