The Strangest Things People Insure [Infographic]

Ever have that deer in headlights look before?  You just don’t know the answer to the question when your boss calls you out in the meeting?  Or you can’t decide if you should “Go Large” on your meal at the fast food restaurant and the cashier is staring at you, tapping her foot below the counter?  Some of the best prompters of what makes a person just confused or dumbfounded is hearing what odd items someone insures.

Grandma’s beautiful engagement from WW2, no one would question you insuring this.  It is almost priceless in your eyes. Your cars, boat, home, motorcycle, favorite piece of sports memorabilia are all common for insurance policies and they shouldn’t set your wallet back too much on a yearly basis. 

Then there are things people insure that make you question your faith in humanity…


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Tom Jones Chest Hair (yes chest hair); insured for $7 million. Our only question is what happens when 1 strand falls out in the shower, does he need to file a claim?

The main point of insurance is to protect the owner of the policy if something should happen to the item that is insured. Most of the events that you are insured against are rare, but they are costly events. Insurance companies track events and come up with statistics to calculate the risk factors and in turn calculate a cost for the insurance.

With that said, another odd policy that you can purchase insurance for is Alien Abduction. There is an insurance firm based in London that has sold over 30,000 Alien Abduction policies. Remember when filing your claim you must provide proof of the Abduction.

Click here if you want to check the US map to see if you live near a UFO Hotspot.

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For your entertainment, check out this infographic below to see some severe oddities that people have insured.

Top 10 Weirdest Insured Celebrity Body Parts

by AttwoodDigital.
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