Interesting Facts about The Shipping Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

In a ships lifetime, it can travel the distance to the moon, and back, about ten times. TEN ROUND TRIPS TO THE MOON?

According to this infographic, that’s a fact! Along with the fact that the shipping industry has over 1.5 million workers. Despite how far we’ve come in technology and world trade, shipping is still just as crucial as it was many years ago.

Think about it, if you ship a lot of cargo… that’s a lot of people involved in moving it, and your goods spend a lot of time in-transit. I guess that’s more of a reason than ever to get going on protecting your cargo! Even if you’re insured like any discerning product owner should be, you want to protect your cargo from being destroyed in the first place.

View through the infographic below for interesting tips about the shipping industry, you might be surprised!

Safety at Sea

From Visually.