How to Reduce the Risk of Cargo Damage


We’ve been over the six million reasons that you need cargo insurance, but wouldn’t it awesome if it NEVER got to that point? Think about the utopia of impervious cargo for a second, you would have a peaceful mind, knowing that you’d never have to deal with the process of making a claim again. It’s right up there with instant DMV transactions and free money; it would be nice, but get real daydreamer, life isn’t that generous. The good news is that after reading this blog post, you’ll know a few solid methods for keeping your cargo safe; maybe you can’t eliminate the possibility of an accident, but you can surely reduce the risk to your cargo in the event of potential damage.

Packaging Matters!

You cannot control other drivers on the road, the weather, or vehicular accidents- but you can control the packaging of your cargo, and you can decide which crating methods to use. It doesn’t matter if your cargo is going to another country or to a house just across town; anything can happen from a slight bump in the road, to a historically awful car wreck. If your cargo is in transport, via truck or ship, it is at risk; that is just how life works. Luckily, you can use systematic crating solutions along with risk-reducing products to help make your life just a bit easier. As the leading cause of cargo damage is poor packaging, you can dramatically change your outcome- simply by employing a meticulous packaging method.

Watch Your Weight!

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to give you a complex; we mean your cargo! Surely, we don’t need to tell you why stacking large televisions on top of light, fragile items is a bad idea. Keep the heaviest cargo on bottom; even if it takes a bit longer to organize, it is worth it

Crate Your Cargo!

Crating does not mean just all of your cargo, it refers to the caging or containing of your cargo, for the purpose of transposing to its destination safely. This process not only protects your cargo, but it also makes transporting the cargo much easier for the professionals who load and unload it. Crating protects irregular shapes and fragile pieces from severe damages, by eliminating extra space, and keeping the same shape together in a safe, condensed area.

Disclaimer: Crating Will NOT Protect Cargo from This Guy


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