Export 101

Anyone that has been working near the profession of the transportation of goods internationally for a while has a short list of horror stories.  I am no different.  Over the years we see importers buy containers full of rocks in the place of product, exporters selling goods and being stuck for payment, and merchandise get sucked into a black hole of regulatory hell.  There is no doubt about it, exporting and importing does come with baked in perils.

In regard to exporting there is one good way to start half way around the monopoly board for the cost of lunch with a client…and not even a good client, let your uncle help you.  Well, sort of your uncle…Uncle Sam that is.  The U.S. government wants U.S. companies to export.  As an example, here in Florida the U.S. Commercial Service delivers the ‘Export University’ training program developed by the Florida District Export Council in cooperation with the Florida Trade Alliance Partners to help Florida businesses gain skills and knowledge needed for exporting.  The entry level program is called ‘Export University 101’ and is only $45 bucks.

If you or your company is considering exporting to increase business, the value of this seminar is huge.  Export University 101 touches on things like the importance of planning, protecting interests, financing programs, and transportation and logistics to name a few.  This isn’t a pre-recorded video presentation; this is live speakers who are actually in the game.  You won’t be hearing about logistics from a person who is a human resources trainer by profession. You will be hearing about logistics from someone who does it for a living.  You can’t buy that!  Well I guess you can…for $45 bucks.

Export 101 is also interactive.  The program has a question and answer period and enough subject matter experts to answer most questions.  But wait… there’s more! From what I recall there is a free continental breakfast in the morning, lunch, and cookies!  It’s like being in kindergarten again, there’s a ‘snack time’ to help you learn.  You can double check on the free food when you register.  What has always been might not be what will always be.  I am almost certain they have not added a nap time.  No need to bring a nap blanket.

Okay, as a summary there is a continental breakfast, seminar speakers, learning, learning, learning, free lunch, seminar speakers, learning, learning, learning…Cookies, seminar speakers, learning, learning, learning.  Then there is typically a question and answer period at the end of the whole day to cement in the things that you were exposed to earlier.  One benefit you can take with you that is not quantifiable but can be enormous is networking with fellow business people and more importantly the subject matter experts on the components of exporting.  If there is a resource at the function you need to know more about, don’t forget to crab their card.  After the seminar you will know ‘somebody’ in the business.

If you wish to attend the Export University 101 program you can find the link below to sign up.  Even better, you can contact Jorge Arce or Larry Bernaski.  Their contact information is below as well.  Larry or Jorge will be able to provide more color and I am betting have a cool flyer they can provide to fill you in.  I am also betting Larry and Jorge will be just thrilled their phone numbers just hit our blog page.  Enjoy the Export University program and I will see you there!

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: http://go.usa.gov/xcQA4

Questions: Jorge Arce: P: 904-232-1270,C: 904-477-9485 Jorge.Arce@trade.gov Or Larry Bernaski: P: 904-359-9350, C: 904-718-8510 lbernaski@eflorida.com