Common Cargo Shipping Risks

Caro Shipping RisksProtecting your precious cargo should be a priority anytime you do cargo shipping. There are an array of risks associated with bringing cargo from one place to another. You can protect them from many of these risks by investing in cargo insurance. Read more about a few of the most common cargo shipping risks below.

Damage done due to poor packaging

For cargo to stay safe during shipping, it needs to be packaged properly. If the packaging for cargo isn’t sturdy, it could be damaged during the trip that it takes. Even if a shipping company goes above and beyond when handling packages, poor packaging could still lead to unexpected damage being done to your cargo.


Cargo shipping companies try their absolute best to limit the amount of theft that takes place when it comes to their cargo. Nevertheless, theft is something that is, unfortunately, unavoidable. Whether you’re shipping household products or electronics, there is a chance that some cargo could end up getting stolen. Cargo insurance helps cover it in the event that a theft takes place.

Mishandling of cargo

There are all kinds of equipment used to handle cargo. From cranes to forklifts and everything in between, shipping companies use equipment to pick cargo up and move it around. In most cases, they’re able to do it without damaging the cargo. But there are times when cargo will be mishandled and damaged as a result.

Political unrest

It doesn’t happen very often. But if your cargo encounters political or social unrest when moving from point A to point B, it could be damaged, stolen, or lost out at sea. It’s good to have a cargo insurance policy in place to protect it in these types of risky circumstances.

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