Cargo Theft is a Serious Issue

Cargo TheftCargo theft has been an issue long since long before you or I were alive. Centuries ago, pirates used to seize ships for the purpose of stealing whatever was on them, and men on horseback used to ride up to stagecoaches and steal whatever they could get from them. However, cargo theft isn’t a problem that’s only limited to the past. It’s still a major issue in most parts of the world. In the U.S. alone, more than $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen each and every year and sold on the black market in places like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, and more.

Those who steal cargo from trucks, ships, and other forms of transportation these days are usually part of crime syndicates that are set up specifically to steal precious cargo. These syndicates are known to go after things like electronics, clothing, food, pharmaceuticals, and more. In some cases, they devise elaborate schemes to steal large shipments, while in others, they simply steal a truck when a truck driver is at a rest stop and make off with everything inside of it.

As those who commit cargo theft get more and more advanced with the techniques that they use, it’ll be of the utmost importance for companies that ship products to insure themselves. They need cargo insurance policies that are designed to provide them with cargo protection. Organizations like the National Cargo Theft Task Force are doing everything possible to stop cargo theft from hitting as hard as it has in recent years, but they’re not doing enough to wipe out cargo theft completely. Therefore, companies need to protect themselves and their cargo by obtaining the proper insurance policies.

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