It’s time to integrate cargo insurance into your TMS.

  • It will give your firm the edge over firms who do not offer TMS integrated cargo insurance 
  • You will gain additional revenue through your TMS which will further enhance your customer relationships and value
  • Clients will be less likely to want to switch providers
  • There is nothing to buy to get set up
  • The API steps we provide are easy to install and can be tailored as needed

Who can benefit from TMS integrated cargo insurance?

3PL Providers  –  TMS Companies  –  Shippers  –  Freight Forwarders  –  Ocean Carriers

or anyone that uses a TMS and needs access to quality cargo insurance access from a trusted source.

Want to hear more?  Call me at 904-781-6531 or e-mail me at for more information.  Please note this offer is only available to customers within the USA at this time.